The Main. St Cup is a bi-annual cocktail tournament open to any bar within a one block radius of Main St. from Crab Park to Marine Drive. A maximum of 10 bars will be selected to participate. Bars will be notified of their entry on a first come first serve basis, so get your entry forms in fast. Each bar will be given free rein to create their own Casamigos Blanco Tequila Cocktail. For your inspiration, this rounds theme is “A Mexican Standoff”. We are asking you to duel it out with the competition to see which team can best represent Casamigos Tequila, Mexico and Main Street.

As always, we encourage you use selected ingredients found along Main. St. to help bring the community together. Perhaps you have a favorite grocery store, or a place where you find vintage glassware, or you went out and foraged some cherry blossoms … it’s up to you. There are absolutely no limitations of ingredients used. Bonus points will be awarded for creative use of any ingredient or prop from Main St.

Each bar is encouraged to form a team to present their cocktail. Team sizes must be at least 1 competitor. Teams will present 3 full size cocktails to the esteemed judging panel and, 80 one ounce samples to the audience at The Cascade Room.

There are two ways to win at the Main St Cup.

1. Have the highest score from the judging panel and receive a coveted prize from Casamigos Tequila.

2.  Have the highest score from the audience and get your name on the prestigious Main St. Cup and keep the trophy on your bar until the next event where you will get an opportunity to defend your title!

The platform is wide open. We encourage you to be extremely creative and give a show to the judges and guests. Nothing is off the table, costumes, props, fireworks, flair, music, cheerleaders … whatever you need to do to win the hearts of the entire room.

Once confirmed as a competing team, Justin Taylor, GM of The Cascade Room, or Patrick Wood, from Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits will present you with your complimentary bottle of Casamigos Blanco Tequila to begin the creation process.



Space is very limited. Please fill out and submit this form asap.

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An email will be sent to the establishment and each competitor to confirm your entry.


• To participate each bar must submit an entry form to Justin Taylor at the Cascade Room in person, by email to justin@thecascade.ca (entry form attached).
• Each team must consist of at least 1 competitor. They need not be bartenders but must be employed at the entrant’s establishment.
• Participating establishments must be on or within a one block radius of Main Street Vancouver.
• Participating teams MUST carry at least one expression of Casamigos Tequila on their back bar.

• Recipes must include a minimum of 1 ounce or 30ml of Casamigos Blanco Tequila.
• There are no limitations on your cocktails outside of the mandatory item.
• Use as many or as little ingredients as you wish.
• There is no official recipe submission form. You will have until the time of your performance to tweak your recipe. However, it must be identical to your crowd samples.

Crowd Samples
• Crowd samples must be pre-batched before the competition. Please use bottles to pre-batch so we can easily pour.
• Have each bottle labeled with your name and establishment.
• You will be given a second bottle at The Cascade Room to compensate costs for the pre-batch.
• We will provide the sample cups for the pre-batch.
• There must be at least 80 ounces for the samples.
• They will be poured and distributed by the Cascade Room staff.

• 3 full size cocktails must be presented to the judging panel during your presentation.
• You will be given 7 minutes to execute your presentation.
• Prebatched cocktails must equal at least 80 fluid ounces to be distributed to the crowd.
• Prebatched cocktails must be in bottles with speed pours. The Cascade Room will provide the cups for your samples and our serving team will distribute the cocktails to each guest.

Judging – Audience
• Each guest that enters The Cascade Room will receive a scorecard. The scorecard will be out of a possible 10 points and will consist of two criteria. 1. Overall performance (5marks) 2. Overall Taste (5marks)
• Scorecards will be collected after the last performance and tallied to crown the winner. Only scorecards that are complete and have appropriate scoring for each participating establishment will be counted. (no voting for one team only)

Judging – Panel
• The judging panel will consist of three industry experts.
• The judging panel will utilize the attached scoring rules to accurately select the winning team. The winning team from this segment will win a coveted prize from Casamigos Tequila

Cheering Squads
You are encouraged and expected to invite your establishments regulars to come and cheer you on at The Cascade Room. Keep in mind only the first eighty people through the doors who want to participate in the scoring of the competition will receive sample cocktails.

You are here to represent your establishment, The Cascade Room and Casamigo’s Tequila. We ask that you remain professional during the competition as this event is about celebrating the Main St. community together.